I’m a sucker for a good bat flip. Whether its Puig, Carlos Gomez, Dominic Brown, Big Papi or the Bat Flip GAWD Rickey Henderson, there’s something about a good bat flip that looks awesome to me. Because of that I’ll be keeping track of all the best bat flips for the season on this post. Feel free to send some my way if I missed any good ones. Keep checking this page for updates throughout the season.

Daniel Murphy with a low-key bat flip

Jose Bautista with the most disrespectful bat flip of the season

Yoenis with an absolutely swaggeriffic bat flip

Another View of the Cespedes flip

Schwarber has no chill with his bat flips

Kyle Schwarber with a Allegheny River bat flip

Former Met Great Carlos Gomez with a Wild Card play in game Bat Flip in the Bronx

Jose Ramirez with a bodacious flip

Grienke strikes again!!

They like to bat flip on walks up at the old SkyDome

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