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Sam Dusenbury Jr

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The Cavs are starting to cook and with that we are starting to see LeBron get more comfortable and give us not only highlight offensive plays but the trademark...Continue reading »

Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham scored a TD and wanted to hook up the young lady Bengal fan wearing a A.J. Green jersey.  Gresham threw the ball in the stands...Continue reading »

The Texans all-world Defensive End continues to do it all for the Texans.  Watt, this time lines up outside at WR and catches a TD on a fade route in...Continue reading »

The spotlight that is on Jameis Winston continues to get bigger and bigger after each comeback win the Seminoles have. Their latest win was in Miami and...Continue reading »

I’ve called Lance Stephenson “Baby Bron” over the last 12-14 months and thought the move to Charlotte would only enhance those notions....Continue reading »

The Spurs are even fundamental with their showmanship.  Manu Ginobli drops a perfect dime right between Jordan Hill legs leading to a easy bucket. ...

Poor kid makes a great play on the ball, thinks he going to throw one down on the road against Kansas St. and gets absolutely rejected. ...

Another fun night in Knicks land as JR Smith tries to D up Trey Burke in the last remaining seconds of their game against the Jazz last night. The results...Continue reading »

The Bulls got an early impressive victory over the Raptors up in t-dot last night but the bigger story from that game is that despite playing 30 minutes...Continue reading »

Wiggins and the T’wolves eventually lost the Rockets in Mexico City last night but that didn’t stop Young A. Wiggins from giving you a glimpse...Continue reading »