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Sam Dusenbury Jr

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Tons of focus on the T’wolves is focused on the player I call “Young Scottie Pippen” in Andrew Wiggins, also Zach Lavine and Karl Anthony...Continue reading »

Dunk of the Night goes to the best two way player in the league today. Kawhi takes to the sky and slams one home as LeBron watches: ...

There’s a reason to stay up late on Thursday nights to watch the NBA on TNT and that is Charles Barkley with an microphone: ...

The jewel of the Nicholas Batum trade hasn’t had a lot of moments in his brief tenure in Rip City but last night he took it to the Stifle Tower:...Continue reading »

The Brooklyn Nets were going to rebuild a community, establish a rivalry, create jobs and opportunities for the downtrodden, invoke the prideful yet painful...Continue reading »

You created her, now what? You built her up, now what? She actually believed, now what? Now what seems to be the proverbial question after Ronda Rousey...Continue reading »

When I was growing up the notion that I could watch every single game of a team in any sport was completely a pipe dream. Being a fan of out of markets...Continue reading »

Jimmy Butler my dude I hate it had to be him. Here Jimmy Buckets get Shawn Bradley’d by Milwaukee Bucks wingman Khris Middleton in Chi-Town: ...

It was only a matter of time but Father Time made an appearance at the Grindhouse in Memphis last night to claim a another victim: ...

It was only a couple seasons ago when pundits were all lining up saying Paul George was going to be the rival of LeBron James. They would state that he...Continue reading »