Blame Pacquiao and yourself for the fight not living up to the hype

Posted on May 5 2015 - 1:10am by Sam Dusenbury Jr

So you’re mad you dropped a hundred dollars on a pay-per-view that lived up to the expected result? Who led you astray? Look no more than the one in your mirror. That’s right you did it to yourself. You believed in Manny Pacquiao. You believed in him so much even though your only lasting memory of him to this point is of him getting knocked out silly and being immortalized in memes. You thought he could do it, slay the dragon, beat the domestic abuser, beat the bad guy, etc. Well consider what happened the evening of May 2nd 2015 in the city known for sin as your reality check. 

What transpired was one elite, legendary boxer proved to better than a dude who was as close as we have gotten to a great white hope in boxing since Gerry Cooney and Peter McNeely. Pacquiao was trumpeted as the angel while Floyd adorned his usual horns and pitchfork. One was seen as a jovial family man who sings humorously horribly while the other was casted as a absentee father and domestic abuser who is thought to be illiterate. Pacquiao’s past as a whoremonger, degenerate gambler with shady political/underworld affiliations and financial ineptitude were politely cast aside while the normal routine of Mayweather’s past was trotted out with the pageantry of the Kentucky Derby.

And you bought it. You believed that Mayweather ducked him for years due to being scared, not because of the huge shadow of then Pacquiao strength and conditioning coach Alex Avila’s penchant for giving his clients PED’s. You thought Mayweather was not as good as he says he is. You thought Pacquiao was going to serve justice and right all the wrongs that Mayweather has given the world for at least one night. Has it sunk in yet? Has the crow settled in your stomach? Not too easy going down is it?

The better boxer won Saturday night in Las Vegas and you were foolish to think the pride of the Philippines had a chance. Only Bob Arum’s pockets could change the inevitable outcome of the fight. Pacquiao was exposed on many different levels as a boxer.  To sneak in another horse racing reference, Pacquiao is a one trick pony. Get past the rush of punches in bunches and you’re good to knock him around a bit. Freddie Roach, who did his best to sell the fight with trash talk since his fighter can’t command the English language that well, didn’t unleash the secret game plan that he promised would finish Mayweather. Instead Pacquiao did everything he normally does except this time the intended target kept moving. Mayweather stuck to the script, out-maneuvering Pacquiao with speed and counter punching with accuracy. The flurries that Pacquiao threw normally entices others to engage in fighting but not with Mayweather. He used his patented shoulder roll defense and deflected punches with his gloves and forearms. By the 10th round it was a foregone conclusion, Mayweather was the unanimous victor. 

A funny thing happened on the way to that victory however. People got angry, frustrated and took those thoughts to social media. The casual fan, the ones that all walks of sports businesses covets, were pissy that they bought in. Sad that they wasted money for what they perceived to be a boring “fight”. That’s the problem right there. Boxing is not fighting.  Its called the sweet science for a reason. There’s a chemistry to beating your opponent.  The object is to hit your challenger as many times possible without getting hit back. Floyd Mayweather has mastered this formula. 

Why is that boring? Try hitting someone who is trying not to get hit. It can lead to some pretty humorous moments. Ali made dudes look ridiculous in his career when he used his speed. Same goes for Sugar Ray and Roy Jones. They routinely used that to showcase their superiority to the crowd. In the movies, we love to see the hero make villains look stupid by making them miss their attempts to inflict damage. Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan are legends for doing so but Floyd does it and its called running away, soft and an embarrassment to the sport. What’s the connection there? 

The fight went down as promised, it was larger than life, the spectacle of it all was well worth my ticket to be in Vegas this past weekend. The price of the fight was justified by the rumored numbers of pay-per-views that are coming in (4 million plus). Athletically the better boxer won by hitting his opponent a lot and not getting hit that much in return. Not much transpired out of the ordinary and if you thought something differently was going to happen then you have no choice to blame the one in the mirror so go ahead and make that change.

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