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He was a pure point guard, a player that would rather get 5 points and 16 assists than 32 and 7. He was the answer I would give when I criticized alleged...Continue reading »

Having a system is what separates the special from the ordinary. Its what’s perceived to make Phil Jackson the Zen master, Billy Beane the muse of...Continue reading »

How would you feel if you were put in a no-win situation but you knew you had to go through it? You have to get the experience, gain the trust of your...Continue reading »

Snakebite, unlucky, cursed, unfortunate and saddened are all words used to describe what happened Derrick Rose but I truly feel the most appropriate term...Continue reading »

Hearing the announcement was eerily similar to Jordan faxing “I’m back” to the NBA league office back in the day. You knew it was coming...Continue reading »

He was the one. The only one. The one who said yes to the Mecca. The one who took on the challenge, said all the right things and looked capable of fulfilling...Continue reading »

The Shark, such a befitting name for a dude that gave zero fucks about the integrity of the game. He knew what it took to win. He knew honesty was not...Continue reading »

The Clippers have been a collection of underachievers since they have been grouped together. No post threat, weak wing play and a point guard-power forward...Continue reading »

The media needs to get off Marshawn Lynch’s nuts. They keep asking the guy what he thinks and he keeps giving them quotable bites that blow up on...Continue reading »

Finally the days of giving up 23 yard completions on 3rd and 22’s are over. No more will the Bears defense sit back in that Swiss cheese scheme called...Continue reading »