NBA Franchise’s Worst Four

Posted on Jul 18 2015 - 10:24am by Sam Dusenbury Jr

Houston Rockets
Rodney McCray, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, Maurice Taylor
#NeverForget Hard to believe two Hall of Famers are half a franchises worst four but along with those ugly uniforms that Rockets squad was trash.

Indiana Pacers
George McCloud, Austin Croshere, Jonathan Bender, Sarunas Jasikevicius
Croshere went to the bank on Larry Bird who somehow saw bits of himself in Croshere

LA Clippers
Benoit Benjamin, Michael Olowokandi, Kerry Kittles, Chris Kaman
#NeverForget that the Elgin Baylor era as GM is second only to Isiah in hilarity

LA Lakers
Dennis Rodman, Anthony Peeler, Slava Medvedenko, Samaki Walker
#NeverForget that Stephen A owes royalties to Slava for using his name to get his notoriety up

Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies
Bryant Reeves, Stromile Swift, Hasheem Thabeet, Jake Tsakalidis
#NeverForget that Big Country Reeves only lived up to the hype in 2K on Dreamcast

Miami Heat
Khalid Reeves, Michael Beasley, Walt Williams, Matt Geiger
#NeverForget Walt the Wizard Williams high socks

Milwaukee Bucks
Tim Thomas, Danny Fortson, Yi Jianlian, Dan Gadzuric
#NeverForget the Bucks tried to ride the Yao Ming wave with Yi but they flipped him one year later for Richard Jefferson

Minnesota Timberwolves
Christian Laettner, Derrick Williams, Marko Jaric, Randy Foye
#NeverForget that Jaric won the game of life off the court…Adriana Lima

New York Knicks
Frederic Weis, Michael Sweetney, Jerome James, Eddy Curry
#NeverForget that Jerome James and Eddy Curry were on the roster at the same damn time. Long live Isiah as Knicks GM.

Seattle/OKC Sonics/Thunder
Jim McIlvaine, Vin Baker, Robert Swift, Olden Polynice
#NeverForget McIlvaine is forever the GOAT of bloated contracts, cashed out big time in starbucks city getting a 7-year 35 million dollar contract in 96 after dropping 2.3 points and 2.9 rebounds the year before

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