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The media needs to get off Marshawn Lynch’s nuts. They keep asking the guy what he thinks and he keeps giving them quotable bites that blow up on...Continue reading »

Finally the days of giving up 23 yard completions on 3rd and 22’s are over. No more will the Bears defense sit back in that Swiss cheese scheme called...Continue reading »

Get over yourself, Deflategate is no different than flopping, stick’um, stealing signs or any other advantages that any player/team/staff member...Continue reading »

Cam Newton is all about the showmanship. After his teams playoff win last night he does the Ray Lewis dance with a little remix at the end. Protect your...Continue reading »

With Jim Harbaugh seemingly out the door already, Kaepernick has to show the Niners front office and potentially a new coaching staff what he can do. Tonight...Continue reading »

Jamaal Charles puts on the afterburners once he reaches the Cardinals secondary. It’s scary how fast Charles is: ...

Ndamukong Suh has been called tough, talented, ferocious and all other types of verbal bouquets but the one that resonates most is dirty. Here he chucks...Continue reading »

Arian Foster has bounced back to his form of a couple years ago and with that you remember his combination of power and speed. Here he goes old school...Continue reading »

Cam Newton has a down year but no question after this that his team has his back. Newtown does his customary Superman TD celebration and the Saints weren’t...Continue reading »

Smith has a chip is on his shoulder like no one else in the NFL. He’s like Jordan in the way he can manufacture hate for the opponent, unlike Jordan...Continue reading »