Why Missy Elliott is the GOAT

Posted on Jun 1 2015 - 6:25pm by Sam Dusenbury Jr

The greatest female MC of all time aka GOAT has performed at a Super Bowl, has blended masterfully singing and rapping, had an impact on fashion and had a talented squad of creatives to help her process. Its not Nicki Minaj I’m speaking of its Missy Elliott.

I recently went to make a best of Timbaland playlist on Spotify (which you can find and follow here) and I quickly came to the realization that Missy is the GOAT, the holy grail, the creme de la creme of this female rap shit. The singing, rapping, flow, content and hit making ability are undeniable as evidenced by her resurgence in sales after her surprise appearance at this years Super Bowl.

She wasn’t as brash as Lil Kim or Foxy Brown, she wasn’t as hood as the Da Brat, she wasn’t as introspective as Bahamadia, she didn’t have bars like Rah Digga or L-boogie but she had enough of ALL of that while the others mentioned rarely could function outside of their lane.

Missy shined whether it was features or three verses on her album. The marriage of her vocal ability and Timbalands’ landmark production brought us numerous club bangers, radio singles, basement jams, party starters and concert joints.

Her song writing elevated the likes of Ginuwine, Beyonce and Aaliyah. Her guest verses pumped SWV back in the main stream briefly and gave Gina Thompson her only hit. She came about in the game when Kim and Foxy were selling hits due in large part to their sexuality. Missy didn’t care what you thought of her looks, she showed a confidence in her lyrics that made you forget at times what she even looked like.

Her first solo music video “The Rain” changed the landscape of the medium forever. She had fun with it, didn’t take herself too seriously and brought an energy that the game was and is now again still missing.

When she sang you didn’t think she was trying to put herself against the greatest female vocalists of all time but she had harmonies for days and that resonated on tracks where she could sing three verses then drop a 12 bar rap in the middle of it.

Go through her catalog one time and tell me her albums flopped, which hit wasn’t really a hit or what track doesn’t stand the test of time. The response on social media and the albums sales right after she appeared on stage with Katy Perry this past February showed just how hot those tracks still are.

You can bring up old school female MC’s into the discussion for consideration of being the GOAT but despite paving the way for an artist such as Missy I do not believe they have the combination of hits, bars, track record and impact that come close to Missy. While others have tried to mimic the lane that Lil Kim created (S/O to Nicki) there hasn’t been anyone to come close to the song writing, hit making, melodic inducing, charisma filled persona that is the greatest female MC of all time Missy Misdemeanor Elliott.

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